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Assessment Series: Would a Feeding Assessment be Right for My Child?

Posted in: Blog, Occupational Therapy

One of the most significant events for parents of an infant is giving them “real food” (solids) for the first time. The highchair is set up, the food is all prepared (after MUCH thought and debate has gone into what…

Validate, Validate… and then Validate Some More

Posted in: Blog, Occupational Therapy

Working as part of a multi-disciplinary team has taught me so many things. I now know when babies typically take their first steps, how many words a two-year old should have, and how to properly interpret the results of a…

Parents, Your Sleep Matters Too!

Posted in: Blog, Occupational Therapy

Since the birth of our first child, sleep became an issue in our house. At first, how well the baby slept impacted how much sleep my spouse and I got. Then the baby started sleeping in longer stretches but with…