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    Caregiver Workshop: Underweight & Restrictive Eating

    The Underweight and Restrictive Eating Workshop aims to provide education to caregivers of children ages 10-17 years old about why being underweight can be so problematic for young people and provides education around feeding a young person struggling with disordered eating. This workshop is informed by principles of family-based treatment (FBT), which is the leading evidenced-based treatment for children and adolescents living with eating disorders. This is not a treatment group. Physician referral is required and meant for underweight youth and those with restrictive eating issues.

    This workshop is facilitated by a Registered Dietitian and Registered Social Worker. The workshop will take place over Zoom.

    Fall Session - VIRTUAL

    Tuesdays: September 12-October 10, 2023 7:00-8:00 p.m. $595 CAD All ages In Progress