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Caregiver Workshop: Parenting & Managing Emotions – VIRTUAL

Is your child experiencing emotional, behavioural, or mental health challenges? Are you unsure about how to help?

Whether it is anxiety, sadness, tantrums, anger, aggression, defiance, or a mental health disorder, parenting a child with emotional and behavioural challenges can be stressful and overwhelming.

This three-part workshop will help caregivers learn how to coach their children through difficult emotions and teach them the skills that they need to feel better and make better choices in the future.

This workshop will be facilitated by a Psychologist.

This workshop will help caregivers:

  • Develop a better understanding of why their child is exhibiting emotional and behavioural challenges
  • Learn more effective and respectful discipline techniques that are based on connection and skill building rather than punishment and control
  • Respond to their child’s emotions and behaviour in a calm and loving way while still setting clear and consistent limits
  • Teach their child how to self-regulate their emotions and behaviour so that they feel better, make better choices, and have healthy relationships in the future
  • Improve their relationship with their child and feel more confident in their parenting

Based on the well-supported methods from Emotion Focused Family Therapy, and the book No-Drama Discipline

Winter Sessions - VIRTUAL

Tuesdays: March 22nd-April 5th 7:00-8:30 PM $495 for the 3 week program Caregivers of children grade 1 and up Limited spaces available
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