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    What are your latest COVID-19 updates?

    For the latest COVID-19 updates, please click here.

    Are Boomerang Health’s services covered under OHIP?

    Our rehabilitation services are not covered under OHIP, but may be covered under your extended health insurance benefits. Check with your insurance provider for details. Appointments with our physician specialists are covered by OHIP.

    Do I need a referral from my doctor?

    You can self-refer for all of our rehabilitation services. Visits with our physician specialists require a referral from your doctor.

    Is there anything I should bring to my appointment?

    It is useful for health care practitioners to review any previous assessments or reports about your child, therefore, if you have access to them, please bring them to the first appointment. For physiotherapy services specifically, all x-rays and MRI reports are recommended.

    What should I wear to my physiotherapy appointment?

    You will want to be comfortable. We recommend shorts, t-shirt and running shoes.


    Will you be contacting my child’s school or their doctor to share information about an assessment/consultation/treatment session?

    Your child’s personal health information will not be shared with any outside parties without your written consent. During your first appointment, the therapist will ask you to list who, if anyone, you would like information shared with. Further, the therapist will notify you what documents specifically are being shared; for example, reports, consult notes, assessment data, etc.

    My child is already involved in one service at Boomerang Health, but I am wondering if another service would also be helpful. What should I do?

    We work as an multidisciplinary team at Boomerang Health. Therefore, it’s best to speak with your current practitioner about your interest in another service. Your practitioner can liaise with other team members to clarify the appropriateness of services, to answer any questions for you, and if needed, to facilitate the scheduling of an appointment for you or your child.