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    SickKids launched Boomerang Health as a new, independent but wholly owned, healthcare centre to provide the York Region community and beyond with greater access to community-based services for children and adolescents. This is a new model of healthcare delivery for SickKids as the centre enables us – through Boomerang Health – to treat children who would normally be referred to community partners and provide high quality care closer to home for children and their families. SickKids is proud of its reputation for expertise and high quality patient care. To ensure the high standard of care associated with SickKids, the centre incorporates SickKids’ policies and best practices with oversight from a Quality Assurance committee. Boomerang Health staff members have access to training and education sessions at SickKids to keep them abreast of the latest knowledge and research.

    The launch of Boomerang Health is aligned with key aspects of SickKids’ strategic plan, including enhancing child health systems, generating increased revenue for reinvestment in children’s health, and driving innovation. The need in the GTA for referred paediatric services is growing, and it will continue to grow. Boomerang Health provides significant benefits to children, parents, SickKids and the healthcare sector:

    • It means that families will have greater access to multidisciplinary health services geared towards children and adolescents;
    • It means that they can count on healthcare services being delivered with the same high standard of care they find at SickKids;
    • And it means that all proceeds from Boomerang Health will be reinvested into innovative hospital programs to enhance patient care, research and education.

    Innovation never stops at SickKids. Boomerang Health represents a new way for the hospital to interact with the community. The association of the SickKids name with the services offered at Boomerang Health ensures that patients receive the standard of care that they expect from SickKids. This is a step forward in SickKids vision for “Healthier Children and a Better World”.