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    Physician: Dr. Katie Losenno

    Cardiology at Boomerang Health accepts children and adolescents with the following conditions:

    • General paediatric cardiology referrals (murmurs, syncope, palpitations)
    • Known congenital heart disease/arrhythmias
    • Family history of heart disease (cardiomyopathies or sudden death)
    • Dyslipidemia/hyperlipidemia
    • Acquired heart disease (Kawasaki/MISC)

    Please note that echocardiogram services will be performed onsite at Boomerang Health if required.

    How to Book an Appointment

    Please ask your child’s primary care doctor to send a referral request to Boomerang Health. We will then contact you to book an initial appointment. Your visit with our Cardiologist is covered under OHIP. Please ensure that you bring your health card to each visit.


    For more information related to heart health, visit the following pages on AboutKidsHealth, SickKids’ trusted health education website for children, youth, and their caregivers: