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    Presence and Mindfulness for 2023

    Posted in: Blog, Psychology

    The new year always brings a certain degree of reflection. Where have we come, where are we going, and what are our resolutions for a “better” year? Being thoughtful and having goals is important no doubt. At the same time,…

    Back to School and Mental Health: Working Together During Unprecedented Times

    Posted in: Blog, Psychology

    There is something that is so special to me about back to school. I’ve always loved it. As a kid I always loved my big school supply shop in August (still do!). I loved the fall air and cozy clothes,…

    Canada’s New and Improved Food Guide

    Posted in: Blog, Nutrition

    Back in January, Canada’s food guide was updated. Previously we thought of the food guide as a rainbow or pyramid. It told us how much of each food group we were supposed to eat, but it was pretty confusing to…