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    Navigating Cold and Flu Season: A Paediatrician’s Guide to Caring for Your Child

    Posted in: Blog

    As a paediatrician, I understand the challenges parents face during the cold and flu season when it comes to caring for little ones. The constant threat of sniffles, coughs and fevers can be overwhelming, but with the right approach, you…

    Winter Wellness: 5 Indoor Activities Recommended by Physiotherapists for Kids

    Posted in: Blog, Physiotherapy

    Winter can be a challenging time for parents and children alike, with colder weather and shorter days limiting outdoor playtime. However, it’s essential for kids to stay active and engaged, even when they’re spending more time indoors. Physiotherapists, experts in…

    Unlocking a Brighter Tomorrow: The Power of Occupational Therapy in Mental Health

    Posted in: Blog, Occupational Therapy

    In a world where mental health concerns are on the rise, it is essential to explore all avenues for support and healing. Occupational Therapy (OT) is a transformative, personalized, and empowering force in the realm of mental health. It takes…