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    Executive Functioning Group Therapy: Tools to get things done

    Executive Functioning Group Therapy is aimed at helping adolescents in Grades 6 to 8 to become more independent in completing tasks. Specifically, this group will address the following skills, but not limited to:

    • staying on task
    • planning
    • following-through
    • remaining organized
    • adapting to unexpected situations
    • managing time
    • self-monitoring

    Group programming will be based on the underlying framework of the Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) Model established by Dr. Ross Greene. Sessions will include role-playing, development of functional strategies for school and home, and activities to enhance cognitive rehabilitation. The first and last group sessions will take place with a caregiver present to to assist participants in applying the content learned in the group to real-world settings beyond the clinic.

    This group is facilitated by a Registered Occupational Therapist and will take place in-person at the clinic.

    A complimentary pre-group screening is offered to determine group appropriateness.

    Spring Session

    Thursdays: May 2-June 20, 2024 5:00-6:00 p.m. $600 CAD 6-8 Grades In Progress

    Summer Session

    Thursdays: July 4 - August 22, 2024 4:30-5:30 p.m. $600 CAD Entering Grades 6-8 Limited Spaces Available
    Thursdays: July 4 - August 22, 2024 5:45-6:45 p.m. $600 CAD Entering Grades 9-12 Limited Spaces Available