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    Caregiver and Baby Workshop

    This 4-part workshop is geared towards caregivers with infants (0-6 months) who would like to learn more about gross motor development, activities to help with development of visual-motor/fine motor skills, feeding strategies, and ways to comfort their baby through infant massage. This program will be facilitated by: Registered Physiotherapist (PT), Registered Occupational Therapist (OT), and Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). Policies and procedures related to COVID-19 will be enforced to ensure the safety of participants and staff members.

    4 sessions (once per week)
    60 minutes per session

    Programming includes:

    • Exercising with Your Baby and You (with PT): Learn tips to improve your baby’s gross motor skills and injury prevention strategies for caregivers.
    • Therapeutically Playing with Your Baby (with OT): Play is key to a child’s development. Come learn more about visual-motor, fine motor development and age-appropriate sensory and motor activities for your child.
    • Feeding Your Baby (with OT): Weaning can be a tricky process. During this session, you will learn about oral-motor development and how you can start introducing your child to solids.
    • Comforting Your Baby (with RMT): Did you know massage can be beneficial for infants? This session will teach you how to massage your baby to help promote development and provide relaxation.

    Yoga mat: For hygienic reasons, we ask that you please bring your own yoga mat.

    $320 CAD
    *Kindly check with your insurance provider for coverage for: Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Massage Therapy.

    To find out when we are offering this program next, please email groups@boomeranghealth.com