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    Workshop: Customize Your Own

    One of our primary objectives at Boomerang Health is to share useful and relevant information to those who could benefit from it the most. In addition to our collection of blogs, our large team of skilled professionals enjoy teaching and presenting to groups in fun and dynamic ways. Some of the workshops that we have done in the past include:

    • Emotion Regulation for Kids and Teens™ 
    • Fitness of the Mind™ (Anxiety and Coping Strategies in Sports)
    • Improve Your Eating, Improve Your Game™ (Nutrition and Sports)
    • Supporting Social Smarts at School™

    Pricing will include workshop development, presentation time, and travel to/from our clinic in Vaughan. Rates will be in accordance with our service fees for the disciplines involved.

    If you are a school, organization, sports club, parent, or student, just to name a few, and would like members of our multi-disciplinary team to come and present on a specific topic, please email us at info@boomeranghealth.com. If it’s within our scope, we would be happy to customize something for you.