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    We help find solutions to the management of your child's health and well-being.

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    We are committed to helping you find solutions in the management of your child’s health and well-being. In recognition of this commitment, we are driven by a desire to remove the uncertainty associated with navigating the healthcare system and will partner with you to make informed decisions regarding the care of your child.

    Our Values

    • We seek to understand the unique experiences and points of view of each individual.
    • We are a part of a community and treat everyone we serve with compassion and respect.
    • We operate with a service mindset and commitment to excellence in everything we do.
    • We take the time to listen and make every effort to explain information fully and clearly so clients can make informed choices.
    • We act with absolute honesty, integrity and fairness in the way we conduct ourselves and our business.
    • We are accountable and strive to earn the trust of our clients and colleagues.
    • We know collaboration amongst clients, team members, families and community partners leads to the best solutions.
    • We recognize the health system is constantly changing and we must be innovative in our approach to patient care.
    • We promote confidentiality through systems and processes designed to ensure the privacy of every client.

    At Boomerang Health, our multidisciplinary team uses current, evidence-based practices to guide assessment and treatment services for children of all ages. We understand that a child’s developmental, physical and mental needs are complex and we are here to provide comprehensive care. While some clients and families may only need to access one service or discipline, other families and clients may seek out more than one. At Boomerang Health, practitioners from all disciplines are available to collaborate in an multidisciplinary manner. We work as a team with each family to create an assessment and treatment journey that is tailored to their needs, builds trust and achieves their goals.

    Whether it is through play, discussion, practice, or exercise, Boomerang Health’s programs aim to maximize engagement, participation, learning, and confidence, across all domains of a child or adolescents’ life. We want our clients and their families to thrive.

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