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    Top Questions Answered: Navigating Musculoskeletal Medicine for Kids

    Wondering what musculoskeletal medicine is and how important it is in the health and well-being of your child? Boomerang Health’s Dr. Ryan Katchky, Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon, answers common questions.

    Q: What is musculoskeletal medicine, and why is it important for children’s health?

    A: Musculoskeletal medicine refers to assessment and management of any condition impacting the musculoskeletal system, including the bones, nerves, muscles, tendons and joints in the spine, arms and legs. It is particularly important for children because the musculoskeletal system changes dramatically with growth, and musculoskeletal conditions in children can impact them for the rest of their lives if not treated appropriately.

    Q: What are common musculoskeletal issues in children, and when should parents seek medical attention?

    A: There is a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions in children, including trauma and fractures, congenital conditions involving the hips and feet, limb malalignment and asymmetry, curvatures of the spine and gait abnormalities. Caregivers should seek medical attention if they note any delay in motor milestones, limping, severe or persistent pain, or if they have any other concerns about their child’s musculoskeletal development

    Q: How are musculoskeletal conditions in children typically treated?

    A: There is a wide variety of treatment options for musculoskeletal conditions affecting children and teenagers. Many conditions resolve with time, and children and families simply require reassurance. Some conditions may require casts, braces or physiotherapy. And some paediatric musculoskeletal conditions require surgery.

    Q: How can parents promote musculoskeletal health?

    A: Parents can promote musculoskeletal health by encouraging daily physical activity, with appropriate protection such as using helmets. Additionally, Vitamin D supplementation is important to promote normal bone health and strength, particularly in breastfeeding infants.

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    About Dr. Ryan Katchky, B. ESc MD, FRCSC

    Dr. Ryan Katchky is a paediatric orthopaedic surgeon, practicing at Scarborough Health Network and Boomerang Health. His practice focuses on the orthopaedic management of children with congenital, developmental, or traumatic musculoskeletal conditions. Dr. Katchky completed a degree in Mechanical Engineering and his Medical Degree at Western University. He then completed residency training in Orthopaedic Surgery at The University of Toronto, followed by a fellowship in Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgery at The Hospital for Sick Children. Dr. Katchky has an interest in Health Care Quality Improvement, and has completed a Master’s Degree in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety through the University of Toronto. He is actively involved in Quality Improvement and Medical Education, and serves on the education committee for the Canadian Paediatric Orthopaedic Society.