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    To Group or not to Group… For Parents!

    Posted in: Blog, Speech-Language Pathology

    In a previous blog, I discussed the merits of group therapy for children. On a similar note, parents have recently been asking whether attending one of our parent workshops or seeking individual support is the best approach. There are many…

    Assessment Series: Would a Speech and Language Assessment be Right for My Toddler?

    Posted in: Blog, Speech-Language Pathology

    As discussed in our previous blog on feeding assessments, there are certain milestones that parents wait for with excitement. Introducing solid foods, watching your child take his/her first step, and hearing his/her first word are exciting moments for all parents!…

    To Group or not to Group… That is the Question!

    Posted in: Blog, Speech-Language Pathology

    I often have families asking me whether group therapy or individual therapy is more appropriate for their child. There are several benefits of both types of therapy and the answer to this question is not always easy or straightforward. The…

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