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Feeding Challenges Found in the Camp Setting

Posted in: Occupational Therapy

Growing up, camp was always the most important thing in my life. Some of my fondest childhood memories are from my 15 summers spent at camp (both day and overnight). Ironically, my interest in occupational therapy (OT) actually started when…

Picking Apart Picky Eating

Posted in: Occupational Therapy

Almost any parent can relate, at least to some degree, with one/some of the following statements: My child refuses to eat certain foods by throwing them on the floor My child wont open his/her mouth to an approaching spoon My…

The “Two Colour Lace Trick” For Shoelace Tying

Posted in: Occupational Therapy

Teaching children how to tie their shoes can be a challenging task – both for the child learning how and the parent trying to teach it. With all of the methods out there (i.e. bunny ears, wrap around, Ian knot),…