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Why Never to Tell Your Picky Eater to “Just Try It”… And What to do Instead

Posted in: Blog, Occupational Therapy

Parents all over the world find themselves struggling to figure out what to feed their children. In Canada alone, 25-35% of parents have described their children to be “picky eaters” at one time or another (Canadian Paediatric Society, 2012). Despite…

Occupational Therapy at the Dollar Store

Posted in: Occupational Therapy

My Favourite Finds and How to Use Them There are so many amazing therapy products available today that have been made with every diagnosis, disability and concern in mind. While these items can be wonderful tools, they are often expensive…

OT Tips for Getting your Child JK Ready

Posted in: Occupational Therapy

Sending your child off to junior kindergarten (JK) can be difficult on so many levels. It’s often filled with mixed emotions and sentiments including, “I can’t believe that my baby is actually starting school”. It also leaves parents asking themselves…