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    Physiotherapy – Not Just for Adults!

    Posted in: Blog, Physiotherapy, Uncategorized

    Did you know physiotherapy isn’t just for adults? At Boomerang Health, we support many paediatric clients through our physiotherapy services – from infants to teens. Some of the concerns that are addressed through paediatric physiotherapy include bed wetting, sports related…

    Working on Speech and Language Goals at Home

    Posted in: Blog, Speech-Language Pathology

    Boomerang Health Speech Language Pathologists share examples of ways to use household objects to work on speech and language goals with your children at home. Toss a beanbag to picture cards with your child’s target sound. Have your child practice…

    Managing Allergies in Children: An Allergist’s Guide

    Posted in: Allergy & Immunology, Blog

    Allergies in children can manifest in various forms, from food allergies to environmental triggers like pollen, dust mites, and animal dander. Recognizing the signs early and identifying the specific allergens is the cornerstone of effective management. Symptoms can range from…