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    Virtual Care

    Over the past decade, there is little doubt that healthcare organizations, including Boomerang Health, have been offering the option of delivering some of their services virtually to provide patients and families with the flexibility of remotely accessing their care provider.

    In March 2020, Boomerang Health was proud to launch the exciting phase in its virtual care journey, which included offering all medical and rehabilitation services through virtual visits.

    Patients and families now have the ability to virtually visit with their healthcare professional, whether it be their rehabilitation clinician, paediatrician, or paediatric specialist. They are also able to participate in virtual workshops based on our existing and new curriculum. Our staff have been working very hard to optimize all technological tools and resources to care for existing families without service interruption, and to offer new families the ability to experience care remotely.

    In addition to our virtual rehabilitation services and groups & workshops, we offer:

    • Complimentary Virtual Screening Sessions for Speech-Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Social Work Services. During these free 15-minute sessions, our rehabilitation clinicians will gain a better understanding of the specific concerns and determine whether or not a comprehensive assessment is recommended.
    • Complimentary Virtual Learning Strategies Support. During these free 15-minute sessions, our psychologists will provide online learning strategies to families of children who are new to virtual education, in addition to families of children with learning and/or developmental differences, including Autism Spectrum Disorder.

    Take advantage of our virtual services. Contact us at 905-553-3155 ext. 221 or email info@boomeranghealth.com.