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    April marks National Volunteer Month. At Boomerang Health, our volunteers make up an integral part of our team helping with everything from providing a warm smile to families coming through our doors to assisting with the care of patients.

    Sehrish is one of our volunteers. See what she has to say about volunteering in Boomerang Health’s group programs.

    What made you interested in volunteering at Boomerang Health?

    I was interested in volunteering at Boomerang Health because of the clinic’s excellent reputation for both their staff and patient experiences. I am currently a student at York University aspiring to be a speech-language pathologist, so when researching volunteer opportunities, I found it extremely important to be able to work alongside medical professionals, observe clinical procedures, and interact with patients and their families, all of which I am able to do at Boomerang Health.

    What have you learned so far through this volunteering experience? What are you hoping to take away from your experience here?

    I have learned so much here during my time at Boomerang Health, both personally and professionally. I have had so many great opportunities where I got to work on developing strong communication skills and interpersonal skills, such as active listening, empathy and collaboration, all while supporting the needs of clients. Not only has my time at Boomerang Health been very rewarding and fulfilling, but I have also gained valuable insights into my prospective career and realizing how much this is the right path for me.

    I hope that in my remaining time at Boomerang Health I can continue to grow as a person and be able to make a positive impact on the patients.

    If you could describe your volunteering experience with one word, what would that be?


    Do you have any words of encouragement you would like to share for current and future volunteers at Boomerang Health?

    Volunteering can be a challenging but incredibly rewarding experience. Your willingness to give your time, energy and skills to help others is admirable and your presence and efforts make a difference in the lives of many patients and families. Just try to do your best and put on a smile, the staff and the patients are all amazing here. So, the rest will work itself out!

    About Sherish Aftab

    Sehrish is currently completing her Bachelor of Health Studies in Specialized Honours in Health Informatics at York University. She is currently volunteering at Boomerang Health and is an aspiring Speech Language Pathologist. She is passionate in making a difference in her community and especially loves working with children.