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    Taylor Westenberg
    OT Reg. (Ont.)

    Program Manager, Occupational Therapy and Nutrition

    As the Program Manager of the Occupational Therapy (OT) and Nutrition departments at Boomerang Health, Taylor works closely with the teams to develop new programs and initiatives, facilitate learning and professional development opportunities, and ensure use of evidence-based assessment and treatment protocols. In addition to this, Taylor analyzes the needs of clients, optimizes schedules to allow for more departmental availability, advocates for the professions, and oversees OT and Nutrition clinical care. 

    Taylor is a registered Occupational therapist with a passion for early intervention, family-centered care, and problem-solving. Starting with a degree in Political Science and Digital Journalism with the intent to explore policy and the social determinants of health, she decided to pivot careers. She earned a masters degree from Western University in Occupational Therapy, drawn to being able to work one on one with patients with lived experience.

    Taylor puts access to care first, tailoring therapy to the families and children that the services are meant to support. She believes in letting children lead, in learning through play and in finding ways to incorporate therapy interventions into your daily lives, so as to limit the mental load. She feels confident in supporting families in breaking down barriers to their meaningful activities, with much of her experience coming from school-based OT where things like parent-coaching, handwriting, regulation, executive functioning and self-care are often the focus.

    Taylor is dedicated to being a life-long learner. She has pursued certifications to support children specifically, in sensory processing, Handwriting without Tears, and Assessing for Suicide (ASK) training. More generally, she has participated in professional development surrounding mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy-based techniques. When she isn’t learning, she loves to sing ballads, discover new hiking trails, and find reasons to laugh.

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