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About Tanya Cotler

Dr. Cotler is a Psychologist (Supervised Practice) with a PhD. in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Cotler has training and experience in psychological assessment and treatment of individuals across the developmental spectrum with particular emphasis on children, adolescents and young adults. Prior to joining Boomerang Health, Dr. Cotler worked in a number of community mental health settings, helping individuals with anxiety, mood disorders, personality disorders, trauma and a range of issues associated to parent-infant attachment and conflict, and the effects on development and adjustment.

Becoming a Mindful Parent Part 2

In the previous post we defined mindfulness and its benefits. We would now like to turn to how you can begin to practice mindfulness in your own life and apply it to your way of parenting. 1. Breathe. Simple? No,…

Becoming a Mindful Parent Part 1

Mindfulness refers to the practice of awareness in the present moment and doing so with compassion or non-judgmentally. In applying mindfulness to parenting practices we are talking about awareness of moment-to-moment interactions between a parent and child and the ongoing…