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It’s That Time Again – Report Cards

Posted in: Blog, Psychology

The mid-year report cards are about to be sent out, and that means parents are anxious to find out how their child is doing. For most parents, these report cards are the primary, if not sole, source of feedback about…

Choosing Kindness

Posted in: Blog, Psychology

Integrity, honesty, compassion, empathy, respect, perspective, kindness… these are but a few values we wish to foster in our children. We want our children to be good people. Yet from the minute I check my Twitter feed in the morning…

AboutKidsHealth: Depression in Children and Teens

Posted in: About Kids Health, Blog, Psychology

Ideally, summer is the time for fun, relaxation and adventure. Kids and teens are provided an opportunity to rest after a busy academic year, to connect with peers in camps, events and activities. They have time to try new things,…