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Parenting Introverted Kids & Teens

Posted in: Psychology

Many parents find themselves faced with the problem of trying to figure out if their child is adequately coping with their social world. I find parents to be genuinely attuned to their child’s social experiences: her comfort in new environments,…

AboutKidsHealth: Where’s the Snooze Button? Sleep Tips for Children and Teens

Posted in: About Kids Health, Blog, Psychology

Now that spring has sprung, the clocks have jumped forward, and March Break is but a distant memory, many parents notice that getting their child to sleep at night is a challenge. Brighter evenings and later bedtimes tend to throw…

Effective Strategies to Manage Negative Behaviours using Positive Reinforcement

Posted in: Blog, Psychology

By now most of us are firmly settled into the new year and summer is but a distant memory. Between morning routines, after-school activities, dinner time and homework, there is no shortage of opportunities for stress and conflicts. As such,…