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Reflecting on “Inside Out”

Posted in: Psychology

    I really liked when Joy and Sadness came home. I thought that Joy was a little cuckoo with Sadness; she wasn’t very happy with Sadness. My favourite characters were Joy and Disgust. And I liked Sadness too. I…

Psychology Tips for Getting your Child JK Ready

Posted in: Psychology

If your child is preparing for Junior Kindergarten (JK) this fall, you may have already attended a Welcome to Kindergarten event at his new school. He may now have met his teacher, and may now have a sense of what…

Research Round Up: Psychology in the News

Posted in: Psychology

This week’s blog post brings attention to some new and exciting research in the world of psychology. As psychologists, our training emphasized both research and practice. Our work at Boomerang Health brings both worlds together as our work is evidence-based:…