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How Can Physiotherapy Help My Child Who Has Autism?

Posted in: Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapy

When a child first receives a diagnosis of autism, it can be an extremely overwhelming and confusing time for parents. In the initial assessment report, often the first recommendations are for speech, behavioral and/or occupational therapy. Children who struggle with…

Summer Safety and Children

Posted in: Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapy

Summer is here! It’s time for outdoor play, swimming, and BBQ’s. Here are some tips to help keep you and your children safe this summer! Water Safety Each year, approximately 400 Canadians die in water related accidents. You can never be…

Ways to Promote Gross Motor Development in Babies

Posted in: Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapy

Many parents ask me how they can improve their child’s development, specifically in the gross motor domain. Below are some general tips that you can implement at home to assist with the acquisition of gross motor skills. Get down to your babies level.…