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    How to Prevent Soccer Injuries This Summer

    The summer soccer season is quickly approaching! Soccer is one of the most popular sports in Canada; it is played by men and women of all ages and various skill levels. Children can often be seen kicking soccer balls around at recess, and competitive leagues are plentiful throughout the country. Like any sport, children playing soccer are at risk for injuries. What can we do as parents, coaches and officials to help decrease the amount of injuries and improve sporting experiences for children?

    Dr. John Philpott, Boomerang Health’s sports medicine physician, partnered with Dr. Kristin Houghton, Smart Soccer, and ThinkFirst Canada to create a helpful document. Included are recommendations for parents, officials, and coaches to help reduce the risk of injury, specifically pertaining to soccer. Practical tips are offered, such as proper equipment, checking the field prior to games, fair code for all, and correct kicking and trapping techniques.

    For access to the full document please click here: http://www.parachutecanada.org/downloads/resources/ThinkFirst-SmartSoccer.pdf

    Stay safe, be healthy, and have fun!

    Enjoy the season!

    About John Philpott

    Dr. Philpott is a paediatrician that specializes in musculoskeletal conditions and Sports Medicine. He is certified by CASEM’s Dip of Sport Med. Until its recent closure, Dr. Philpott practiced at Sport C.A.R.E. – Women’s College Hospital focusing on sports & exercise medicine in youth. He was the staff paediatrician at the past SickKids Sports Medicine Clinic. Currently, at Toronto East General Hospital he is the staff physician for the Healthy Lifestyle Clinic for overweight & obese youth.