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Ouch, My Thumb Hurts!

Posted in: Orthopaedic & Sports Physiotherapy

Understanding De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis Does your child complain of a sore thumb? Does he play video games, text a lot, or use a smartphone? If so, your child may have a painful condition that affects the tendons of the thumb…

Preventing ACL Injuries

Posted in: Orthopaedic & Sports Physiotherapy

In my physiotherapy practice at Boomerang Health, I see a lot of active adolescents and children. As a result, I also see a lot of ACL injuries; and parents frequently ask if this injury could have been prevented. ACL stands…

Why does my child’s knee hurt when he jumps? Understanding Patellar Tendonitis.

Posted in: Orthopaedic & Sports Physiotherapy

Orthopaedic & Sports Physiotherapy Blog Post Patellar tendonitis, also called jumper’s knee, is a common condition seen in active kids. This occurs when the tendon, just below the tip of the kneecap (patella), becomes inflamed and irritated. Symptoms can include…