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    Dianne Magspipoc

    BA, Reg CDAAC

    Communicative Disorders Assistant

    Dianne is a dedicated Communicative Disorders Assistant who is always excited to help individuals reach their goals and be able to communicate with friends and family. She enjoys working with families and getting them involved to help facilitate growth and celebrate every win toward their child’s goals. Dianne provides compassionate and effective support to all her clients and is particularly passionate about building and strengthening the phonological awareness skills that impact early literacy. She is trained to provide therapy for communication difficulties such as articulation, social communication, receptive and expressive language, and fluency. Furthermore, Dianne has clinical experience working with autism and preschool populations and has previously been a volunteer with Boomerang Health for over three years. She is committed to work closely alongside other Speech-Language Pathologists to provide effective therapy for children.

    Dianne received her Honours Bachelor of Arts at University of Toronto in Linguistics and completed her Communicative Disorders Assistant certificate with St. Lawrence College.